Garry’s Mod Addons


There are many types of games, but each of them has a drawback. If you want to play an impeccable application, you have to create it by yourself. And it is a very difficult task, because a nice idea should be implemented in life. You should be a nice programmer, designer and story teller to do something outstanding that will be inviting to other gamers. You can choose a sandbox, where you will create various objects, but most of them make you follow their plot, and you can’t omit any stage, because each task is connected with the other. But Garry’s Mod with Addons is different from its brothers and sisters, because it shows absolutely another approach to the usual game play. And here are some reasons why.

First of all, there are no pre-determined set of missions that you have to complete; on contrary, here you decide what tasks are interesting for you, and what steps you would gladly omit. What can be better than setting your own missions, and then fulfilling them? Of course, it is constructing. This game is concentrated on building, and here you are not obliged to create a house or any other refuge; here you can make anything you want. You aren’t limited in resources, and this is a great advantage of Garry’s Mod. Even if you don’t see any detail that is crucial for your object, you may borrow it at any other location that belongs to someone else, and you won’t be fined for it. Don’t be afraid to be inexperienced, the game is very easy to play, but you shouldn’t forget to save your progress, because something may happen every second, and your work will be in vain. Take your inspiration into a wonderful trip, where you can show all your creativity to other gamers, and make them envy your building skills.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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