Zombie Survival


Imagine that you are in a world, where you can create every detail, and only your rules are true for the environment. This is impossible in our reality, because we have to act according the norms that are common in our society. But there is a place, where everything is possible, and it is a virtual reality. Online games allow you to go to any place in the world, and discover new places, meet friends and experience cool adventures. If you want to set your own rules, you should try sandbox Garry’s Mod. It is different from other applications of this genre, because it gives you total freedom, and you can have fun without looking at anyone else.

This game is all about construction, but only you decide what your target is. You can create familiar things, like weapon or a car, but you can also build something incomprehensible, and no one will know about this project, except of you, of course. You can add any detail you want, and use any material that you can take even from other gamers’ worlds. This is rather unusual, but, remember: no limits! If you want to create a movie and share with the entire world, you can do it, but think about the plot beforehand. Other players can visit your location as well, so be hospitable, and don’t forget to save your progress by pressing F6. You can become an incredible expert in building, even if have never done this before, all you need – is just some practice, and everything will be all right.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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