Gmod Hide and Seek


All games are different, and you can choose any from their great variety. They may be complex, or require a set of simple actions, for kids or adults, and there are practically no limits, when you choose one for your spare time. But when it comes to the ideal game, here comes a problem. You want to create something new, but this is very difficult. Programming is a very hard process, and you should keep in mind too many details, but the result isn’t necessary the one that you required. Among ready games that are available to anyone, there are too little options for those, who want to create something new. Sandboxes usually give place for the creation, but there are strict tasks what you have to complete. In most cases you have to build certain objects, and your main goal is to survive in a hostile environment. Gmod Hide and Seek is something different, because here you can do whatever you want, and no one will dictate you what you should do.

You can craft any object that you want, no matter whether it exists in reality or not. You can choose any plot, either peaceful or cruel story, and various maps will help you in discovering secrets. Moreover, Garry’s Mod is a complex application, and allows you to play many other games on the one platform. If you are tired of crafting and creating, you may try something new. There is a great amount of mini-games, and you can choose any genre that suite best to your mood. And if you don’t find something that will rejoice you, you can create your own game with your own rules and ideas. Be ready that other gamers will estimate your creations as well, as you can evaluate others’ works.

There are plenty of things that you can do in Garry’s Mod, and they are limited only by your fantasy, because here you are in charge, and you can decide what to do today. You can craft your own objects, steal ideas from your friends and even make movies for YouTube. And no one will tell you what your next goal is, because you are the one, who creates missions for your game. You can cheat a bit and set easy tasks, or challenge yourself by doing impossible things!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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