Have you ever thought of creating your own video or flash game? It requires plenty of time, and you should be a nice programmer to fulfill your dream. If your skills are a bit low, you should find someone, who will do this instead of you. Also you should plan all the details, including the appearance of your character, their abilities and main missions. This is a very difficult job, because your ideas should be supported by other gamers and implement something really new, that no one has seen before this moment. Well, what should you do, if your programming skills are poor, but you still want to create something original? Welcome to sandbox Garry’s Mod, where you will show your designing skills and your best sides.

In this sandbox you can’t program everything, but there are many details that can be edited. Let’s start with the first point, which stands for construction. You can create absolutely everything; you can get any resource that is needed or a certain project. Remember that all your works are on a public display that is why you should think carefully on what you are doing. If you see useful materials, you can get them to your own building, and construct something alluring. This can be a real object that we see every day in our usual life, or it may be absolutely amazing thing of your own design. Cars, weapon, tables and airplanes – there is nothing that you can’t do. Sounds very appealing, doesn’t it?

You aren’t limited by just the process of creation; you can even cast short movies and share them via internet. One more nice addition: you can play mini-games, and there are a lot of different types of them. If you don’t find any genre, or you don’t like the rule of the existing application, you can create your own mini-game that will serve all your needs. No matter how good builder you are, you can easily succeed in Garry’s Mod, only if you have an inspiration and desire to create. Don’t limit yourself, and never stop – this will bring you to the top!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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