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There are thousands of games to play in the web. But there is one catch – they all come with restrictions. Same genres, same stories, same gameplay – sooner or later, all this gets boring. And now imagine that you have a chance to create your own game, the way you like! Garry’s Mod gives you such an opportunity. This is a global virtual sandbox developed especially for users like you to generate their own online project. That can be literally anything you want, depending on your genre preferences and of course the final result you have in mind. Many people have already started their own GMod projects that are now popular across thousands of servers. Yours can be, too! You just have to sign up and start building your own virtual reality using the provided toolbox. Construct a medieval castle full of dangers, set up a tricky quest or create a virtual playground for your favorite kind of sport. There is nothing you can’t do in Garry’s Mod. There is also a vast gallery of ready characters, textures and other useful materials at your disposal. You can download them any minute to include in your own minigame. Share the result with other users and take part in their project to make friends all over the world!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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